Giant Outdoor Chess was specifically established to help our international customers get a fair price on for their giant chess sets and accessories. We ship internationally every day and we've shipped items to most countries.

By eliminating the average cost of shipping within the United States, we have given our customers true visibility into the cost of the product and the cost to ship the product to you.

There are three things that are unique to international shipments; the cost of shipping, the addition of import duties, taxes and fees, and the manner in which you pay for your orders.


When shipping products to Canada and Mexico, we quote the cost of ground and express delivery using FedEx and the combine Postal Services of the US and Canada/Mexico online. Some of our products are too large to ship on FedEx Ground. If that's the case we'll ask you to contact us at so we can prepare our best quote for transportation costs.

When shipping products Internationally, other than to Canada and Mexico, we offer you two approaches to shipping. Our system will do its best to provide you with a quote using FedEx International Economy shipping. Sometimes that isn't an option based on where you live. If that's the case, we'll do our best to find you other options.

The second approach to shipping is via ocean transit. Ocean transit takes considerably longer to get to you, but the cost is usually considerably less expensive. To receive a quote for international ocean transit, please email us at

When requesting a quote for International Transportation, please provide us with a full delivery address.

Two final thoughts on International Shipping. Our products are very large and they ship in very large boxes. International shipping is expensive but the good news is that since our prices are so low, the cost of the product and shipping can be affordable for most of our customers. Don't be afraid to have us offer you a quote!

Our quotes for air transportation are door-to-door, meaning that the price we quote includes the total cost to you, delivered to your door. When you receive your order, there will not be any additional costs you are responsible for.

Our quotes for ocean transit are door-to-port. Our shippers operate warehouses all over the world. When shipping by ocean, we transport the order to the warehouse nearest to you. When we provide you with the quote, we tell you the city we will ship to. You are responsible for transporting the goods from that warehouse to your final destination. You are also responsible for payment of any duties and taxes due when you import our products into your country. Even with this approach, most of our customers choose to ship via ocean as the cost of transportation is so much less than by air.

Import duties, taxes and fees

Every country has their own system of applying import taxes for shipments received from outside of their country. The US Government has approved our products as chess games which generally allow for a very low import tax in most countries. This fee is generally very small but it varies by country.

Payment Methods

All prices are quoted in US dollars and payment must be made in US Dollars.

All international shipments must be paid in full prior to shipping. For items we have in stock, full payment is required at the time of the order. For items that have a lead time for production, 50% of the payment is required at the time of the order with the balance required prior to shipping.

Orders shipped to Canada can pay by credit card, check or wire transfer.

Payment by wire transfer is accepted for all other international orders.


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